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The megalative degree is the second-order form of the superlative and is applied to the inflexional form of an adjective or adverb as the superlative would be. It is formed by cascading a superlative forming determiner (such as 'most') with the compound superlative form of an adjective (such as 'happiest'). Alternatively it may be formed by appending a superlative forming suffix (such as '-est') to an adjective that is already declined in the superlative degree.

Whilst often regarded as grammatically incorrect, the megalative degree is commonly used when comparing a number of things to express a higher degree of the quality or attribute in a simple word than the superlative would alone.
"That's the most happiest I've ever seen him."
(the phrase 'most happiest' is a compound megalative)

"She gave the bestest brain I've ever had."
(the word 'bestest' is declined in the megalative degree)
by perror March 19, 2010
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