Taku, usually sexy or at least a sort of cute guy, stylish, fashionable and a great person to be around. Loveable! Gives great advise too!
'Man, I love being around Taku he so kind and he gave me some great advise the other day as well'

'I know, he got me and Jodie together you know!'
by JackBangsU January 12, 2012
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a man forgotten by time, doomed to a fate of endless suffering or eternal pain.
Dude come play this awful game with me! Naw man, I don't want to be a Taku.
by lolxd10334 August 8, 2018
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Derived from commonly used sentence: "try and keep up".
French genius and future Rolland Garros champion Vinvan came up with the short form of this commonly used statement.

"TAKU" has become increasingly widespread in its usage. At first it only meant "try and keep up", but now it has also obtained the definition of "that's OK" and "I saw that video last year"
Hugo: "bros check out this hilarious video. whitest kids you know opposite day!"
John: "Seen that before taku!"

-"KLM owned by Airfrance taku"
-"KLM and AirFrance are partners, taku you"
by taku !xbele March 29, 2009
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A man of great wisdom and taste, should one ever be in need of a favour, taku can make it happen for you.
"Taku, can you get Lizanne to have hot erotic sex with me?"
by Jonni Pilo August 19, 2005
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idiot that keeps ringing the door bell non stop @ erwans place for abought 10 minuits (while the door was unlocked)
taku is an idiot who rings the door bell to long
by scot rafferty March 27, 2004
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The word Nux Taku was derived from the word Nutaku by placing an 'x' between nu and taku.
The Man that defended Fairy Tail when it was being attackonized
The Youtuber that makes honest descriptions and Top Flexes in anime/(hentai) videos
With almost a Million subscribers on Youtube.
The Man, The Legend, Uniter of the Anime Community, Lord of the Flexnation,
Nux Taku
by The Anime Guy October 11, 2019
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