7 definitions by GR8 Metngs

someone who is so chub you cant define him as chubb so he is chonk.
my cat=chonk
by GR8 Metngs April 8, 2019
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A word to describe an extremely nerdy/ annoying person, with Hints of gayness Implemented.
"Hey mark, look over there, that guys is such a Loam I swear"
"I know right"
by GR8 Metngs December 29, 2022
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A incredibly successful person who is outstanding and caring. He is much smarter than shaw and has level 127 iq. He is often bullied by lower intellectuals who believe he is a furry. But in reality they are jealous of his success and intelligence
Wow he is such a Great
by GR8 Metngs February 25, 2019
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an absolute idiot, Someone who has 74 iq or less. A very annoying stupid person
by GR8 Metngs March 3, 2019
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