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An extremely powerful act of flatulence. The amount of gas expelled is far above, often several times of normal. It makes a very loud, thunderous sound which can be heard even from great distances. They are known to occur mostly in the early morning, but can strike unexpectedly any hour of the day, depending on diet. They are also odorless or at least don't smell as bad as silent and regular ones, considering most of them comes from swallowed air or hydrogen composed by digesting large amounts of high-in-fibre foods. If you are lactose intolerant, eating dairy products may give you a bad case of mega flatulence.
A bad example on how a megafart looks like in real life:

Mother: Oh my, what was that noise? Did someone move the wardrobe?
Daughter (from the other room): No, mom. I just ate some sweet potatoes and your delicious macaroni with cottage cheese, and so I'm a bit gassy now...
by Abasc December 29, 2011
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A fart so powerful, the shock waves generated will destroy your intestines and snap your spinal cord. Meanwhile, creating the most intense sense of relief, so your impending death is almost accepted in a gracious manner. The time and place a mega fart will occur is not determinable.
*Only documented case was of a fat man who literally exploded from the chest down and was also decapitated by the force.
Was that a megafart?....Trick question. No one has ever survived a mega fart.
by eggpress1 August 24, 2006
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