One who can see and/or talk to spirits. Often misunderstood or mocked, or even shunned. But they are like anybody else. And they are just as normal as the rest of us. They arn't retarded or deluded, but Amazing and Gifted. We are out there, and we arn't insane. Get to know one of us.
Paige is a Medium. She speaks to spirits and sees them almost everywhere, but we love her anyways.
by Spirit Girl August 23, 2010
1. adj. mediocre, fine, not great, okay, so-so
2. adv. mediocrely, in a not so great manner

Usually accompanied by a so-so hand gesture and often used to denote when a previous statement is untrue or only half-true.
-Dude, that chick is totally hot.

I was thinking about going to the beach today, but then I realized I was only medium psyched.
by misstrionics June 9, 2005
A person who has little to no skill as a worker or a leader. He sees people that do work as a threat, because the boss will like them more. No chance to toss a coworker under the bus or slob the bosses knob will ever go untaken. Your hard work tends to be his livelihood, your mistakes tend to be his chance to bring you down a rung. The boss needs a volenteer? Medium will jump right in and do it. Then bitch about doing it the whole time as if he was forced to do it.
The boss is gone to an appointment and won't know if we are working. Oh don't worry about that... If we slack off the Medium will be sure to tell on us.
by Track26 February 12, 2014
Kick-ass American TV show with a tripped-out script writer. For some reason Aussies love this show.

Also see Allison Dubois
Me: Did you watch Medium last night? Allsion Dubois couldn't stop listening to the song 'I Will Survive' in her head, because this girl was murdered while listening to that in her iPod and...

You: I don't really care about Allison Dubois.
by Alice K January 23, 2007
The convergent phenomenology of materialism.

The hard problem of materialism (hard problem of consciousness).

Materialism as both a frame and a metastate (paradigm).

Posited as undecidable due to its intersubjective nature (the phenomenonology of subjects including objects)).

The foundation of postmodern irony.
A medium is intersubjective.

Eg., Is reality a frame for itself or is reality a frame for something more immaterial?

This is the conundrum of postmodern existentialism.
by sandrashine November 11, 2018
To un-maximimize a window.
Microsoft calls this option "restore down;" however that is stupid. I think we all know what's really going on here - the windows just got mediumized.
by valkilmerisawful March 4, 2010
pronounced: mee-dee-um

1. venue
2. one (usually an old, ugly woman) who supposedly communicates with the spirits of the dead
3. a crappy-ass TV show that had no future from the begginning
1. The medium I use to go Internetting is Internet Explorer 8, because Firefox is too cluttered and visually unappealing with no address bar memory, Chrome doesn't have fullscreen or address bar memory, and Opera… I forget why.
2. It's a wonder how the medium industry survives when the idiot population skyrockets… Oh, wait…
3. "Medium" sucks.
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 24, 2009