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Slang: A womans vagina.

Reference- Will have a fully red, warm center. Used to jokingly describe the vagina due to its approximate temperature, and coloration.
Male to Female: "Say girl, when you gonna come over and let me get some of that medium-rare?"

Male to male friend: Dawg its been a few days, I need to get some medium rare!
by J_Hoss November 17, 2009
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The alternative name, or timeframe of the year when Men & Women begin short term winter relationships.

The act, or repetitive 'art' of dating exclusively during the winter month(s).

Obtaining a boo for the winter, or colder months, as there are less likely to be summer-like events. Thus causing a desire to maintain a monogamous relatioship until the spring and or summer arrive.
Dude #1: Yo, Im passing the game to you, I have a chick now.

Dude#2 Cuffing for the winter huh? Looks like Boovember is in full swing...everyone is getting in a relationship.

Woman#1- You know I need a man for winter!

Woman #2 - Girl, Boovember is here again, whats he getting you for Christmas (or other religious winter holiday).
by J_Hoss November 17, 2009
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