a disappointing occasion which was not interesting, especially one which was expected to be exciting and important
The party turned out to be a bit of a non-event - hardly anybody turned up.
by oliverbr May 16, 2006
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The point at which a friend's Facebook status updates become so numerous and mundane that he or she must be hidden from the News Feed.
"Linda is approaching the Non-Event Horizon. 15 posts so far, most of which have been 'I'm bending at the waist right now.'"
by Johnny Twothumbs May 14, 2010
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a take off of the term "event planner" , this term is used to describe one who has absolutely no clue how to give a fun party,arrange a successful gathering, plan a vacation or tour or coordinate any kind of happening time..........
Sally became known as a non-event planner when she arranged for a group tour to visit a museum featuring the history of needlepoint only to arrive to discover it was closed.
by sheila in the car October 14, 2010
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