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A person with a double chin. The fat is considered the scarf as in meat scarf.
girl: nice meat scarf.
guy: what do you mean?
girl: your double chin.
by cop4u January 29, 2009
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1.a penis so large that it can be extended to wrap around a person's neck, or another person's neck.
2.a large penis that can be used for recreational reasons.
girl: I'm cold.
boy: you can wear my meat scarf.
girl: ew.
by CherLady May 05, 2007
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1.The best way to describe when someone's neck has all but disappeared beneath a layer of fat, giving the impression that the person is sporting some kind of fleshy scarf-like garment.
2.Has also been adopted as a term for weed in situations when discretion is required.
me- " lucas has some serious meatscarf going on there. I bet he inflates it to attract a mate...."
my pal- "heh, yeah..."
me-"mate, We need to get us some meatscarf before this evening is through...."
by clar*bar*superstar July 10, 2008
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When one's chin simultaneously connects to their neck causing one big flab of skin with no definition between the two.
aka: chin to neck disease
I lost my candy in the folds of my meat scarf.
by Oh wise Chica May 09, 2011
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