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When someone gives you a not so nice look, like their ready to throw some hands.
by Brooklyn_Brawler June 25, 2004
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When someone gives you a hard look
"That player mean muggin me."
by j dub December 10, 2002
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To stare at someone with hatred

To stare at someone with an expression of hatred on your face
I saw her sitting across the way. She knew I was mean muggin' her!

I couldn't figure out who was driving your new car. Your parents probably thought I was mean muggin' them.
by Autumn McDaniel September 07, 2007
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Stupid shit that dumb ignorant "hood" niggas do because they're mad at the world or what ever the retarded reason is. The mean mugger tries to intimidate you by looking "hard" and looking at you like your crazy, when in fact they're the one with the issues. The mugg or the retard staring at you is supposed to condone (cause) a fight, when actually they won't do shit because they are too scared or just trying to look good in front of their friends. The best thing to do is ignore them and keep it pushin' because most likely the muthafucka(s) can't even read at a 2nd grade level and probably is just getting off probation.
Oh look! That group of morons standing by the liquor store are mean muggin' me, I'm not even going to pay attention to them because I know their lives ain't worth dog shit and they probably are about to go to jail because they're five payments behind on their child support.
by Jay_lee123 April 08, 2011
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a song by Xzibit. and a nasty look that someone gives you and u think u bout to get yo a** kicked
Girlz mean muggin causing up a scene cuz what a girl pulled up in. Feelin' kinda rowdy holla: "hey now, hey now"
by luda lova 24/7 January 22, 2005
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