also known as mad doggin...wen sumone gives u this look like they wanna kick ur @$$ or sumthin, the give u that eye or raise they eyebrow...
"homegurl was mean muggin me nd i wasnt about to take it..i went up to her asked what was wrong with her eyes? did she need em checked?"
by rashida August 20, 2005
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When an individual from a different crew, hood, or area looks at you like they're going to do something...like they want to throw hands.

A mean mug is essentially and upside down smile. When an individual proceeds to throw you a mean mug, immediately, you should shout "FIX YOUR FACE!"
Yo fish! Not only is that ungreatful he-bitch Hoo-Ridin, he mean muggin! That fool best be fixin his face!
by Bartleby The Scrivener November 14, 2007
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1. Mugging someone in a mean way.
2. To play basketball.
3. To have sex with your girlfriend.
1. Dude, i just got mean mugged.
I just got nice mugged.
2. Yo lets go to the park to go mean muggin.
3. Me and my girl are going to go mean mug, peace.
by ricky davis August 07, 2005
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