Anything or anyone that is extremely fresh,cool,off the chain and usually causes a strong attraction or attention to.
Like..."That dress is mean.","Dem rims are mean.","Her walk is so mean.","That girl attitude is mean.","He got a mean body." get the picture.
by Makne February 21, 2005
In old english, being mean means not letting someone blow their load in your face upon request.
Anna was being mean, because she told Jimmy he could not blow his load in her face.
by FlyingCamels March 12, 2011
really; extraordinarily; extremely

Originated in East L.A., as Southern California's answer to NorCal's hella
That bitch is mean fly!
by Joel and Cassie June 4, 2005
1) Something out of the ordinary and causes tremendous impact.
2) A bitch who always thinks she's right and will not admit when she's clearly wrong. She can also be an ass at times.
1)Hey man, I was at the office the other day and ate chinese food for lunch. Right after that I had to take a mean shit.

2) Bob - Yo, I told that bitch that tomato sometimes is spelled with an "e" at the end. She told me it never is.
Tom - I know she is just fucking with you. You know she's always being mean.
by MTBRAINS March 16, 2007
mean is the worst thing in the world...... being mean blows!!
paul jr is mean lol
by nick January 8, 2004
when you go out of your way to be nice to someone and they never even call you back when you ask them to
bob: So, has he called you as yet?
midge: na, i don't know why, i must've done something
bob: oh forget about him, he's just a mean dickhead
by ugh January 9, 2004