Mean is an action done onto one by another, so in order to describe the word mean it is imperative to describe the action. The action is a jester to provoke feelings in the recipient, but however these feelings are meaningless to the antagonist unless the recipient cannot act on these feelings at the time the jester was given.
Girl drives boy crazy by being mean
by recipientt December 29, 2011
"Bro, your new shoes are mean"
by Da real kiwi December 9, 2016
Adjective used to describe the breakfast a satisfied partner prepares after a night of excellent sex.
I fucked her wild and she made some mean eggs in the morning.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
MEAN- Pounding or intake of substances;Preferably Illegal Substances.
Myself:You getting mean over there?
Mc: Yah we are getting fucking mean, I just shot guned 18 beers, Sully is rolling something up with a wrap .. Come get fucking mean dudde!!!!

by Brian June 19, 2006
to take a bad,nasty, and slimmy poop.
by Matt. H March 6, 2003
-- the average, in a negative context, where more could be expected.
-- the midpoint
-- the median
His ambitions and expectations were merely at the mean.
by wclay1 September 2, 2009
When someone is meaner than mean
But if I’m just mean, that makes you mean mean
by Tmankiller 10 February 9, 2021