when ur dumb as shit and don’t know how to use “asf” properly
person1: ugh i hate the color yellow
person2: “me asf!!!”

person1: ….you’re fucking dumb
by joemamalover6969 July 19, 2021
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a phrase that fucking dumbasses use because they don’t know how to use asf in a sentence.
poc person: "anyone got a pencil?"
some white bitch: "me asf bestie‼️"
poc person: "fucking dumbass bitch"
by wenisluvrrontt April 28, 2021
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Me asf is incorrect usage of aave that only dumbasses use. Please do not use me asf, it’s incorrect and disrespectful.
Black Person: Who has a spare pen!
Nb Person: Me asf! Chile, purr!! 🤪
Black Person: Boy If you don’t get your squiggly diggly headass-
by deena.com July 22, 2021
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Me asf is a phrase that dumbass people (probably racist too) who can't form simple sentences use
Black person: does anyone have a pen?

Some white hoe: me asf bestie!!

Black person: dumbass bitch
by Don't be yt kids July 31, 2021
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