a mcquade started im my school after this slut took it in the butt and the vagina at the same time then sucking the dick that was recently taken out of the butt. Sometimes this is called double penetratration. This girl from Matawan actually did this on more than one occasion.
Yo, John and I pulled a mcquade at the party last night.
by Ant Proto November 05, 2007
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A white trash snitch from Long Beach New York who likes to make fun of fat autistic kids when he’s drunk. Eddie also loses all coordination and motor skills after a sip of alcohol. Eddie is also known as “Waffle” or “Eddie McSnitch.”
“I stole that girl from Terrence I’m such a big baller.” -Eddie McQuade. “Bro Terrence is autistic and obese.” -Tony Montonaldo
by Small baller Eddie September 13, 2018
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Jake is a very different type of person. he is very sneaky and tends to watch people when they don't expect it. he is very loyal to his friends. his smile warms up the room and everyone loves to spend time with Jake. he is very athletic and girls crawl all over him, on top of that he has a great body, its a perfect match!! he is very intelligent and smells amazing. its a myth that jake mcquades pee ginger ale!! usually found with ginger hair, and a sexy smile, jake mcquade is the person to be!
girl: oh my god is that jake mcquade
girl 2: yes, he is beautiful
girl: im in love
by aruther burfeild January 25, 2019
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