Koko means the most important thing.

People with this name tend to be quite sarcastic. They like to see the beauty in all things and usually act shy when you first meet them. And NO Koko isn’t a slang :)
by Badyfromtheblock September 22, 2018
A koala bear that fluffy as fuck and lazy as hell.
It's Koko the koala bear in his nature habitat
by Koko Grylls June 4, 2019
A type of insanity or disease (e.g. cancer)
by PigeonTheSavior June 25, 2018
A hot ass bitch that I would like to fuck, word brother. Them bitches are offhand.
by Maayan Arad November 24, 2004
A hipster's way of LOLing because LOL is too mainstream
Didn't do homework. Class to mainstream. Kokokokokok.
by StarJordan10 November 14, 2011
that fine mf from tokyo revengers who is rich and makes money and has one of the hottest bonten timeskip.
person 1: you know koko from tokyo revengers?
person 2: yeah! he’s my fav ❤️
person 1: same tho. he so fine
by shrekcooter April 9, 2022
Someone who thinks he/she is above the law and does not follow the rules
That idiotic senator still went to the supermarket knowing he's covid-19 positive. He's so koko.
by Bogart, the Lexiconnoisseur March 28, 2020