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A confusing species that doesn't know what he wants. In nature he flirts w/ two girls and pretends he likes them both. From the french word meaning horny.
Mazur likes two girls but plays them both.
by jajo November 23, 2003
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Hott guy that likes to wrestle. Confusing to girls. A person who is very funny and has a nice bod.
The Mazur came to my house in a Viper.
by EEyore is back November 13, 2003
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(verb) to Mazur is the act of leaving the fly down on the pants of your marching band uniform.
Colorguard 1: Hey why is everyone laughing?

Colorguard 2: Dr. D just called Brad out over the microphone because his fly is down!

Colorguard 1: ooooooh my god he's totally Mazuring!
by Whoopsidunit October 18, 2018
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