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an abbreviated form of the word amazing. especially useful in livejournal entries, chat rooms, and message boards. works best when used in conjunction with other swell abbreviations.
The cleve crew had a totes mazie time pwning ohio.
by the pwn is everywhere July 27, 2006
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Mazie is a soft spoken and beautiful young woman with great intellect. You will often find her reading or using creative arts. Mazie is a great cook that will make you want more, a totally hands on person. She loves playing card games, actually she spend hours doing so. She's a confidant and fiery friend to have, she will always light up your day. She is loyal to her significant other and will treat them kindly, but will always keep you on track. She's not afraid to be herself and has a way with people.
"I miss Mazie, she was so fun to have around."
"Did you meet Mazie? Well she's pretty special"
by Emma Inez Mazie August 17, 2018
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