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A male with a perfect complexion ...
-Smart- I could listen to him for hours on end

-Will be an amazing teacher
-Uniquely special eyes
-contagious smile
-health concious
-a wondrous creature to be around
-If there were more of him, the world would be a better place
I met Mazi in, Cambridge. He is the best!
by pseuname June 26, 2016
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A typical Iranian muslim whose hobbies include strapping bombs to his chest.
Mazi blew up the school for Allah.
by Borassi's Tits August 21, 2005
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A mixture of Mom, and Nazi

Very controlling mom.
"I can't believe my mom is being such a bitch."
"You mean she's being a Mazi"
by furelais25 October 23, 2009
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1. someone who is racist agains their own race. A very confused young, persian, homo boy.

2. a man who rejects girls of the same race because he wants persian men.
wow i cant belive that guy threw a mazi, thats not cool at all.
by idly65 March 18, 2009
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Oh my god, look at mazi, look at his hunch!!!

Hrhrhr, look at that hunch!
by Christian Ward September 21, 2004
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Mazis Is The name of a Talented young boy who's The lead singer of a Pop-Punk band and he's known as being so creative and smart. He recently released an album named "The Wise idiot" that is available on Spotify and ITunes.
by Sunlight August 15, 2018
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