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A very well seductive and stubborn women who attracts the hunks. Known to make men fall for her in a blink of an eye. A goddess in bed. Can make ice melt with her dazzling smile . A beautiful sexy drama queen. She is a sexy cutie and feisty when angry. You do not want to be on Mawa's bad side because she will turn your life upside down. She will keep you amazed by her beauty but has a low self-esteem and likes to cover up in neutral big baggy clothes. Mawa is also known to be naïve and clumsy but doesn't like to be talked about. She can turn milk in to ice by her stare and is known for her kindness and generosity.
Did you see Mawa
She has the best body
I wanna make love to Mawa
She needs to have a high self-esteem

Mawa touched me
Can she marry me
by What they say November 24, 2016
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