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It's an Italian name for beautiful girls with blond hair and blue eyes. They love food, boys and going out with some friends. If someone says food, she'll turn around and say 'FOOD?'. Maurizia's can cook very good and they're very ambitious. They don't like to be alone, but sometimes they prefer to. They're nice to everyone but when it's urgence to be a bitch, she'll be a bitch. She's smart, beautiful and funny. Sometimes you can't stop laughing. If you have a best friend like her, you'll have great time and if you have a Maurizia as a girlfriend, don't let her go, because she's the best.
She can cook.
It's a Maurizia.

Wow, she was pretty!!
What was her name? Maurizia?
by Someoneeexxx October 18, 2013
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