Word that is slang for master. Used in LOTR by that annoying creature.
"I would never shank the mastah!"
by Phil Swain December 25, 2003
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I hate that bitch but hey shes hot! I might just start "mastahating" to her!
by Some Arab Kid February 15, 2014
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Arrogant, self-centered, pompous ass. Likes to run around lineage2world and think hes the shit because he stole his mommy and daddys credit card to donate. Cheater, lier, enveious of BigSexy, originating from stockholm sweden this rare breed likes to fuck goats in the ass a custom to some mastahs,all think that they PWN IRL if they punk some 13 year old on the forums. They usually do not travel away from their parents untill they are around the age of 35. When cornering a mastah they tend to cry like a bitch, and they portray homosexual tendencies though most die virgins because the slight downsyndrome look they posess. Scientific name : Magnus Olsen
example 1:
jenny: Oh My God I went on this date last night.
allison: Really how was it?
Jenny: well the food was good but the guy was a total mastah.

example 2:
dude stop being such a fucking mastah, you are scaring the chicks away
by LEETSKEET February 9, 2007
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Mastah Village, was created by a teenage from American Samoa, it went viral the day after he post about it, and it was a duet from tik tok.
Samoan: Sole, come here in American Samoa, you know, Samoa is the mastah village.
by auleaga February 25, 2021
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The illusion that a drunk person gets when he or she is completely intoxicated and insists that they are sober.
Wow you smell like a brewery.

That's because I am a brewery, I'm a drunken mastah dude.

by Doctor Eyeball October 27, 2009
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someone. who fucks wit ppls mind.. and think they da shit.. but really they aint nuttin butta hoe..

talks behind ppls back.. and still kicks it wit them... dis bitches name is saweeney
she a beast mastah fo dat one
by some nigga January 31, 2005
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