the cutest, fittest, sweetest, hottest person in this world. he deserves everything he wants and more because he holds a special place in my heart.
“dude that guy is perfection
oh yeah, that’s mason mount”
by boy obssesed July 19, 2021
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Mason mount is a rising talent in football. Close control, Long range shooting, Set piece specialist, impressive passer, tracks back, good dribbler, good ball receiver, Creates A LOT of chances, He has everything to go right to very top in the world of football. Only setback is his decision making, Its really poor and he has got a lot of criticism for it from cum head sarrisexuals.
"What a pass, he just did a Mason mount" said Cfcprag
by LilTUCHY February 20, 2021
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Mason Mount the boy who has my heart bad day he will brighten it Chelsea and England champions league winner super cup winner euros runner up he has my heart and I’m sure he’ll soon have yours Mason Mount the boy who has my heart
Mason Mount the boy who has my heart
by M4nutdforlife2 November 22, 2021
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Me: Hey dude, you see that Derby midfielder playing last night?

Friend: yeah, he was a proper Mason Mount.
by XxarnoldschwazniggerxX May 27, 2019
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Midfielder at Chelsea Football Club. Also known for being manager Frank Lampard's stepson, Mount is arguably one of the worst football players in the world. Despite this, he's inspired many kids to work hard and achieve their dreams.
"If Mason Mount can somehow be a professional player why not me mom?" said Chucky.
by badathebing December 5, 2020
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