The kind of 'marriage' defined by Emperor Nero when he chopped off the parts of a male slave in Ancient Rome; this kind of marriage goes against fundamental biology as it's not possible for a male and another male to reproduce. It was coined by the light blue blog when he had the "marriage equality" issue forced down his throat. He not only argued against it on the level that Kirk Cameron did but also on a scientific level.
This is a term that falls on par to the remark of fag 'marriage' as this one takes it one step further, as the donut puncher engaging in the mockery when they had the pride flag raised in a way that mocks the Marines in World War II. You really want to piss them off, call it Marriage Blasphemy. The light blue blog has the entry known as "Nero defined marriage" as a King James Only Church had a cartoon of two men at the altar.
by illinoishorrorman February 06, 2018
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What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is yours.”

“That’s marriage, not dating. We aren’t marriaged, so no.”
by Branflavin October 28, 2019
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Having eyes only for your husband/wife. Only being attracted to your spouse
Diane, “He’s so hot!!!”
Mary, “Eh, he’s okay”
Diane, “Yes, for your marriage eyes
by Marriage Eyes February 17, 2020
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When a couple releases a fart from each of their own anuses, and are close to one another, it's considered to be a marriage fart.
Person A of couple: *Brrrrrrrrrrrrrtt*

Person B of couple: *BLLLLLAAATTT*.....oh a marriage fart, honey! Oh wow smell what we created! It's like a pizza mixed with chili beans!
by Judolizard June 27, 2021
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When she makes a meal SO GOOD that you be wanting to marry her afterwards
This lobster mac and cheese is a Marriage Meal
by Shasta P. McNasty November 11, 2019
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When you get married with alot of people at the same time and then divorce them
Charlie: Wow! I went to a marriage orgy and now I have 4 ex-partners!
by yowchi August 02, 2021
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