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A certain spanish individual with an enormously large butt, that has the IQ of a two year old, an exceptionally large penis, and the ever famous moustache.
Look, there goes Stephanie.

Holy Crap guys, she just pulled a Stephanie.

Wow, what a freakin Stephanie
by The Big Brown Man March 11, 2005
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A person that can not spell to save themselves or you, very short person with a "Napoleon Complex"or a person or persons doing a stupid dance where you grab a knife and stab yourself in a non-lethal way and flop like a fish on the dance floor.
-Look that guy over there is doing the MARRERO!! LOOK AT HIM FLOP!!

-Don't be a Marrero bro.

-Oh boy our English teacher last name is Marrero, how are we going to learn.

"I Marrero will personally see that I send your license information to the department of agriculture for suspension/revoked for abonnement of post."
by Dj Bop June 22, 2019
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