a town in Pinal county Arizona. 16 miles for phoenix. town made up of 100,000 empty houses (thanks to Bush) and nothing to do. teens run away screaming. cheap housing.
boy says: im moving to maricopa!!

another boy says: thats a fuckin wasteland with nothing to do.

boy says: but we got our house cheap!!
by -JOSHUA- March 1, 2009
When you proceed to shit in someone else's dishwasher, and if your not in Arizona you have to turn the heat on in the house, and then you run tthe dishwasher!!! Creating a musty feceies concoction!! Yep!
What happened man?

Bro, someone maricopa mudslinger the shit out of your dishwasher!!!

Whats that mean?

They took a dump in your dishwashwer and ran it!

Damn, i got slunged!!!
by Dustin R. June 20, 2008
A shitty county in which all juvenile delinquents are royally fucked when they turn 18. Run by a fucking nazi Joe Arpaio, he loves to see inmates run around in pink underwear and enjoys jailing them in shitty tents in a shitty desert. Police there have nothing better to do than break up parties and Indians sit at bus stops and bitch all day about random shit.
Maricopa County is run by a bunch of fucking nazi's.
by Eric April 12, 2006
The act of shitting in ones dishwasher, then turning it on. Best when the dishwasher if full of dishes.
He was mad I fucked his girlfriend so while I was out of town, he broke into my house and gave me a Maricopa Mudslide.
by rainbowcarnage October 6, 2010
A very subjective form of calculation. If you count something and the number you get is not what you wanted just do a recount and if the new number you get is still not what you wanted do another recount and so on until you get the exact result you wanted. That is Maricopa Counting.
Dang, I lost the election...
No no, you just need to do some Maricopa Counting of the votes.
by Turd Ferguson the second January 17, 2022
On the outside it looks nice and proper. The moment you step inside, that feeling goes away. Just because there is fancy uniforms, doesn't mean we're fancy. We ghetto asfffffff. The seniors are hot, well some of them. No ones foundation matches and these hoes be caking that shit on too. There's drugies. Sports suck. We hate ourselves. Many single people.
"Damn, he's hot, he must go to Maricopa Institute of Technology"
by simpBoiHours February 12, 2020
•a school where people think there the shit
•no fine niggas
•no good ass fights
• loud ass security guard wit thick ass eyebrows

•a principal who think the outside nice alla time

•teachers that think they run shit all the time
•teachers that think they scaring mfs
•cheerleaders who ugly asf and can’t cheer

ratchet ass black girls
•football team is ass
Hey have you heard of that ass school ,maricopa wells middle school ? “Yeah that school is ass