1. those wooden balls, about the size of baseball, filled with little beads on sticks. mexicans made them, and shake them. or something.
2. slang for a woman's ta-ta's.

1. i play the maraccas in that new mexican band!
2. shake your maraccas, maria!
by morgansahoe4sure April 14, 2008
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"How are your maraccas?" he taunted his foe after flooring him with a humongous knee in the balls.
by Strongboy July 6, 2009
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A jar full of prescription pain pills that when shaken in hand, the sounds resembles that of a maracca.

There's a pain pill epidemic that allows out of state citizens to drive to Florida, get diagnosed and buy pills for cash at the same clinic. Pills like oxy's, roxy's, xanax, Percocet, vicadin etc...
I drove down south this weekend to buy pills for cash again.... Now when I go out to the bar tonight all I have to do is shake that Florida Maracca and all the women come running. Gets me laid every time!
by Don'tSpaceCakes October 28, 2013
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Empty beer bottles that clang together.
Drew had to take his Irish maraccas to the recycling can
by ThanosReigns April 10, 2018
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