the weird sticky stuff in Canada that makes your mom cry like when your dad left
pass me that maple syrup

i am in need of that maple syrup because i found out im adopted
-Theo's brother
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a hot non canadian powerhouse with a large dick opposite of gloryburner and or amborz
dude maple syrup is so hot and cool
by not maple syrup January 4, 2022
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Contains Protein,Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Iron,Pottasium
Mom,I Like Maple Syrup Flavor Pie Its Healthy!

Seriously?,Could someone eat this healthy.

Yes Mom.
by theseanisgool August 7, 2016
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The act of farting into one another's asses.
"Hey bud, let's maple syrup handshake later!"
by Saigeman March 10, 2022
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Like sleigh riding, but add some maple syrup and licking!
We wanted to go for a sleigh ride but decided on maple syruping!
by tooHotInHere December 17, 2016
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A skin tan that looks like the colour of Maple Syrup and looks delicious.
Hey man where did you get that Maple Syrup Tan?!”
by Chicka1994 March 1, 2018
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