A mantrum is a tantrum which, quite similar to a small child, is when a man (who thinks he's intimidating but is really just really fat and completely arrogant) doesn't get his way.
Not unlike a child who has a tantrum over spilt milk, a mantrum is when a grown adult cries over a vehicle that was lost because of repossession because he doesn't pay the note, or when a man cries because his wife left him for a woman. It's when a grown man is being weepy because he's lost control over everything he's fought so hard to control and feels it necessary to cry on the floor, like a bitty child in the market, to get his way.
by yourlife sucks July 08, 2013
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Term used to minimize or "cutify" a man's rage or make an excuse for a full grown man who behaves like a tantrum-throwing child.
She called it a mantrum, but he was really raging full-on with abusive behavior; she ain't seeing what's real!
by callin'itreal October 30, 2009
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When a grown man throws the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum when they either are not getting their way, people do not agree with them, or to avoid attention to wrongs they have done/flaws etc.
"Karl" threw a mantrum when his wife reminded him to take out the garbage a second time to redirect the focus off what he failed to do. While he did not fall to the floor in a full blown fit, his mantrum consisted of pointing out something negative about his wife to redirect attention off of himself.
by Rooster Cog-Burn December 16, 2012
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any time a man gets pissed, possibly hitting things, then wants to make up by getting his dick wet.
Jon threw a mantrum after finding out his wife was busy. An hour later, his offer of sex was rejected.
by saxyberry November 20, 2011
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when a grown man throws a tantrum when he can't have his way.
Wow did you see that Mantrum Cook threw not being on that run. Man-pon needed for that one
by MadhatterUF September 28, 2017
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Derived from the English words "man" and "tantrum" Mantrum is the level of tantrum that a man has when his wife or partner organizes a social event that coincides with a major sporting event.
My husband had a mantrum when I told him that we were going to a BBQ in the park the same day the Formula 1 is being televised live
by LovingTheWords March 21, 2011
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