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Something women want to have done by a HOT Doctor.
When I went to have my ears checked out by a new Doctor, he walks in the room and I suddenly forget my ear problems and I told him I needed a Manogram. Could you help??????
by Holly Palmer January 19, 2008
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When your husband or significant other rolls over and squashes one of your breasts in the middle of the night. OUCH!
Oh my gosh, last night you gave me the worst manogram ever!
by PBTJ November 30, 2013
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n. etymology-derived from "mammogram" (a photograph of the breasts made by x-rays).
this is what men give themselves when they examine thier pectoral muscles in the mirror for an extended period of time. Often seen in gyms, especially in the locker room. Often done as an act of vainity.
After looking at his chest for 15 min. at all possible perspectives, Billy was finished with his daily manogram.
by C.W. Anderson III September 13, 2005
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