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The word "Mannat" literally translates in ancient scripture to someone who exudes a continuous flow of awesomeness, namely describing people who look stunning at any time, and have this sorta amazing laugh that brightens your day. Although a Mannat is a rarity to come by, it has been prophesied that such a unique being's presence in one's life is impossible to measure in value, as they are one-of-a-kind; smart, funny and have a great personality making them absolutely awe-inspiring and amazing people to be around.
Geoff: "Hey man, do you see that girl over there, the one with those red streaks?"
Matt: "Yeah, who is she?"
Geoff: "Must be a mannat, look at her clothes"
by Sammaaaaaaaaaaantthaaaaa August 26, 2013
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Mannat is a beautiful girl.She is super duper pretty and she is also very nice.She is hot af,many boys are after her because of her style and her smile.She is super funny and has cute laughs.When she is in love,no one can stop her.She is an amazing girl.She has body goals and she is smart.She is really great at relationships and she isn't a player,she can also be too much sexual in relationships.She is a loyal and a cute girl.If u fall in love with her,go tell her because she might say yes.She has beautiful eyes,but she can be shy,innocent and too sensitive at times.Mannat will make a lovely wife,fun mum and best girlfriend.
Boy 1:Who is that shy looking girl??
Boy 2:Ofcourse it's MANNAT!!
by That funny and cool boy October 07, 2018
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