short for "photo-manipulation

It's a picture that's been enhanced using a photography program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro-8
maybe a photo that was blurry but has been sharpened;

a person cut out of (or added into)a picture
by Jan Winning November 22, 2004
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short for manipulation
used in rythm games to make ugly stairs/slopes into ez jumptrills
(term probably created by sillyfangirl osu)
person 1: oh no these stairs are hard :(
person 2: just manip them into jumptrills
person 1: how
person 2: youtube you #######
by kit @catb0x on clockapp March 12, 2022
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A university town in South India. Possibly the best place to study, and grow up. Has a killer bar named DeeTee and is perhaps home to one of the cooler and more diverse university populations in the country. Everyone who goes to Manipal, never regrets or forgets it.
Damn. I wish I were back in Manipal, those were the best days of my life.
by Gradstudent6 November 29, 2010
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Manipal Institute of Technology (or just 'Manipal'), with multiple official slogans like "Money-pal, your pal if you've got money" / "Inspired by weed" / "Mighty Mighty Rain" etc., is an engineering school in southern India, accredited under MAHE (a pseudo-university). Here, you'll find people from the other schools like KMC, DOC & SOC among infinite others who come to MIT's food court carrying their 'yet-to-be-stolen umbrellas' to share their rad "last night" experiences from DeeTee or Re:Mix with their Mitian counterparts. Manipal also currently owns Microsoft & Nokia.
Why tf is it so Manipal? I thought Decembers were supposed to be cold!

MITianThug: Damn son, didn't know Manipal had such hot babes!
KMCBaller: I know her, she's from my class xP
MITianThug: Ahh man, should've deadass taken Med instead, ya'll niggas are lucky af.

Mr.Sheep: Ahem, so where did you do your undergrad?
WokeAssLion: Studied at the MIT.
Mr.Sheep: I reckon Cambridge should've been a fun place.
WokeAssLion: Bruhh please, I'm from Manipal, the real deal, "Massachusetts Institute of Tech" was named after ours.
Mr.Sheep: Oh my! wasn't aware of that!
WokeAssLion: Enough bs, let's go back to my place & smoke up.
by thugx June 1, 2019
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Short for manipulator. Someone who manipulates a situation to his/her liking.
Mike got all of us to think he was right, that guy is so manips!
by Vista's 11 Leader September 12, 2008
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When a man's nipples noticeably protrude from his chest, and can be seen through clothing. Smaller bumps than moobs or manoobs.
"Phil has definitely lost some weight. His man-boobs have shrunk down to manips."
by Aquaria June 12, 2006
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The phase when videos like gangnam style, harlem shake become viral. In exact words, its the period or the time when there's time for everything else but for the sessionals. This generally starts a week before the exams.
Peter : Kitty! Manipal sessionals are on, lets go make a harlem shake video !
by IntenseShizBro February 17, 2013
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