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"manele" , sg "manea" Unfortunate mixture of influences of Gipsy. Turkish, Arabic, Romanian & Greek traditional music and pop music, of no artistic value. Has been popular in the last decade in Romania and other countries from Eastern Europe, but lastely is starting to lose ground.
Most of the Manele lyrics are illogic, gramatically incorrect and basically consist of the "big guy" braging about his wealth and "value", about his (probably in his dreams!) ability to pick up chicks,while wishing his ennemies to die of jealousy, or lamely whining about his chick who has left him and deserted his heart.
Interprets of manele distinguish themselves by having freaky and ridiculous stage names such as "Sorin the Golden Kid" or Vali the Storm" (in Romanian it sounds a lot worse, believe me!!!!) and by wearing totally unstylish/non-matching clothes in manner of gangsta wannabees (pathetic wanabees, I mean!), big and equally unstylish gold jewleries and at least one ton of hair gel.
A singer or fan of manele is called "manelist"; someone who hates them is "antimanelist"-in Romania, the puyblic oppinion is mostly divided among those two groups.
"Antimanelisti" are usually emo, goth, punk, hipsters or simply smart guys
A lot of radio stations and TV chains in Romania refuse to play manele
by Happy Hippie January 15, 2007
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Manele is a form of music, mainly derived from Turkish and Arabic love songs. The roots of this genre lie in Ferentari, a poor area, inhabited mostly by gypsies, located in the vicinity of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The music could be best described as a mixture of dance, hip-hop, oriental influences and Rroma folk music. Since 1997, this style of music has become more and more popular, reaching its apex in rural areas in South-Eastern Europe, where poverty is widespread and a bad education is almost imminent. The lyrics usually refer to useless self-lamentation, obscenity, stupefied immorality, false love and pointless ego praising. This sub-culture encourages exaggerated selfishness, dishonesty, crookedness and vulgarity. It is considered best to fight against this worthless musical movement and if possible encourage others to do the same.
Manele Artists: Adrian De Vito, Costi Ioniţă, Nicolae Guţă, Sorinel Puştiu'
by Kriechbaum December 26, 2005
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the word exactly replicates the definition for "chalga" in romanian language and refers to romanian music type.
"Discoteque boom" - song performed by a romanian small & fat gipsi and beeing in top 10 for months
by Filip Tsachev April 28, 2005
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