Precious object of worship, many clusters of jewels, perfectly endowed, and intricately sexy as hell.
This mandala is perfectly balanced
by dodecadala July 19, 2014
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An east Asian man who is below average height. They tend to work as farmers in the fields, mainly rice fields.

#asian #short #farmers
Guy 1: can you see that kid over there?
Guy 2: mate that's a full grown mandala.
by toothgap January 16, 2018
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To be so spun that everything you say sounds like Cartman from the popular South park cartoon.
Damn Melissa Mandala, all over Augusta, Georgia, especially that Scarlett woman with altered egos.
by Tommygun45 January 21, 2023
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The proccess of shooting or getting shot at from a elevated position.
Bro did you see all those people in Las Vegas get mandalaed“
by Fill me Jimmy October 16, 2017
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its when things you thought happened didn't actually happen. It is the result of us entering a new alternate universe everytime the Mayans predict the world will end
did you hear about the new mandala effect? I coulda sworn katy perry was a boy
by binkieprincess101 October 15, 2019
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Hey, we are coslovskiy, a paneuropean art collective and we really wanted to share our vision with you, the genitalia-obsessed fraction of urban dicks:

A mandala rouge basically paints itself when a woman on her period puts on lace lingerie and sits on paper or other printable fabrics and just bleeds for a while.
Coslovskiy: "Mandala Rouge"
Blood on canvas
15x27 cm
20 000 €
by Krkič March 14, 2019
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