1.) opposite of female; containing a penis

2.) one who is typically bashed on (look at the other definitions) by females mostly due to the fact that males make *sarcasm* horrible, chauvinistic, and awful definitions about females. Although the definitions for females are generally non-sexist and sometimes fairly nice, very little seem to be sexist.

3.) also stereotyped by females to only want a relationship for "ass", and not to give a care in the world about the girlfriend as long as he gets some. Although many, many, many males are perverted, this doesn't mean they are pussy maniacs and hell bent on sex. Some of them do however only want it for sex, but these low lifes can easily be spotted and any honest girl could avoid a relationship with him.
Male urban Dictionary user: *looks up woman* these aren't that bad and anyone who makes a big deal out of them are fucking ridiculous. Maybe our female counterparts made some good definitions about males. *looks up man* The fuck is this hypocracy?
by JusticeForBreakfest December 27, 2010
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What your son will become. Raise him right.
Just have a penis and you'll be a man. What is all this "you aren't a real man UNLESS"...crap meanwhile you have definitions for woman like "What your daughter will become. Raise her right." Like you just have to have a vagina and be 18 but somehow only 1 out of every million men is a "real man" by some other bollocks definition. Time to set that bs straight.
by ihatemgtowlosers October 10, 2014
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The definition that get's the most insults. This is probably because a girl got dumped by her boyfriend(s) and is for some weird reason convinced that every single man in the world is automatically a pig who only cares about sex. It doesn't make sense to me, since I have been dumped plenty of times but you don't see me posting on Urban Dictionary that all women are bitches when I (A sensible person who isn't sexist) have been dumped plenty of times. Some girls also think that they get insulted a lot on here, but that's obviously not true because if you look up Women you'll see a whole list of several complements given to girls while for men it's the opposite.
Person A: Ugh, my boyfriend broke up with me!
Person B: Sorry to hear about that.
Person A: Shut up! You're a man so you're automatically a stupid, selfish, sexist pig who only cares about sex!

Person (on urban dictionary): *looks up women* Beautiful person, someone who you want to find to spend the rest of your life with, deserves respect, amazing, Gods gift to men, intelligent, wonderful, NOT a kitchen tool, person, someone who can cause great pain or great love.

Person: Wow! This is all very insulting I better post on Urban Dictionary that all men are sexist pigs to show that I deserve respect too!
by Mr. Silvers October 22, 2012
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A man is not a man until he has accessed his raw, untamed energy and taken pleasure in his capacity to fight and defend himself. Only then can he transform his blind rage into the power to commit himself, to handle tensions, and to make difficult decisions. A feeling of inner security also develops; it is based on his realization that, whatever happens to go wrong, he can get help from his inner resources, from the basic energy of his aggression.

Getting in touch with masculinity and mastering that power is what enables a man to penetrate the world of women, literally and figuratively. As long as a man believes cloying sweetness or blind violence is his only means of defending himself, he cannot enjoy a complete relationship with a woman. Before he can give himself up to the intimacy of a couple, he must be able to survive rejection
and he must make the break himself if that proves necessary.

- By Guy Corneau
by Vincent Chia (Blackbox) April 09, 2007
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1. an adult male human
2. humans collectively
3. a male lover
4. a worker
5. an unseen force which controls our lives, much like Big Brother.
6. prefix indicating homoerotic behavior in a heterosexual context
1. "She?" I'm a man.
2. Man walked on the moon over 30 years ago.
3. She thinks she needs a man.
4. We're short two men.
5. It's the man trying to keep us down.
6. I don't need to hear about your mancrush.
by xyzzy September 06, 2005
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The source of this planet’s greatest achievements and greatest destructions. A creature that lives and breathes for his family and self. Doesn’t mind working more than half of his life as long as he sees his beautiful wife and kids happy.

Treats a woman as his equal complement. Respects his mom and dad, an asset to the society; well-mannered and polite to other people but won’t hesitate to kick your ass the moment you try to fuck him up.

Always walks with confidence, not only because he has fortune, fame and power but also because he knows he has the respect of the people surrounding him. Acts as if he has the biggest dick in the room and no one argues about it.

Woman’s greatest hero or greatest villain. Poses as a big challenge for females making them want to have sex with him even more. Will do anything for a woman that he loves and loves him back. Finds deep pleasure when his dick is getting suck by a woman and doesn’t mind licking that woman’s pussy after. A being born with two heads and always has a problem of which one to use.

He is the planet’s most dangerous creature. A beast that only gets stronger when being wounded; Half angel half devil. A combination of macho man, bad boy and good boy. A being that won’t hesitate to destroy anyone that threatens his family. The main character on books read by parents for their children every night that saves everyone during distress and takes home the girl to live happily ever after — while fucking her at the same time.
Example #1

Jenna: I hate that man sometimes. But I still love fucking him when he comes home and brings all the good stuff.

Example #2

Curious Lisa: Why do you like getting head so much?

Tom: Because I’m a man. That's why.

Example #3

Enlightened guru: No one really knows what’s the real definition of a man, you just have to see him to believe it.
by vlodia April 02, 2015
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Male of the human species.

Often attached to by a woman - see parasite.
There is a man, look see the woman trying to feed off it....
by happycamper February 08, 2004
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