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the creepy, hairy, pale man thigh.
Boyfriend: Look at my new shorts!

Girlfriend: Ew, they're too short! I can see your man hams!
by AfraidOfTheHams March 04, 2013
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a big or giant size penis
gay guy 1:man dude ur man ham is to big to fit im my anus
gay guy 2:shit is is a real live man ham isnt it
by crystal December 28, 2004
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a guy or girl with an over-sized penis that is odd shaped.
guy 1:hey dude that isnt right
girl1:what u dont like it?
guy 1:NO y would i like a girl with a penis especiallay with MAN -HAM
girl1:didnt i tell u i had a susprise in stored
by tiffany February 18, 2005
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