Malawi is a small landlocked country in the south central part of Africa. It is surrounded by Mozambique to the east, south and south west, Tanzania to the north and Zambia to the west. It is a beautiful country with the lake, mountains, and many other tourist attractions. The capital is Lilongwe but the financial capital and largest city is Blantyre. The only thing holding this place back is the corrupt governments over the years. From the 60's to the late 80's the Malawi Kwacha was trading at 2 kwacha for 1 british pound, now the rate is about 275 kwacha to the pound.

Malawi is also one of the six biggest exporters of tobacco with Brazil, USA, India, China and Italy. But still malawi is unable to make this count.

Malawi, also called the warm heart of africa, is a beautiful country with endless hills, the beautiful Lake Malawi and the plateaus in zomba. The lake is the 9th largest in the world, but among the fresh waterlakes, it has the most number of fish species in the world. Being a fresh water lake, the fish found in the lake cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The national and official language is Chechewa which has many regional dialects. Portuguese is spoken by some in the deep southern region of the country, and English is the second official language.
The demographics of malawi show the population at 13,000,000 as of December 2006. 99.6% of malawi is black with quiet a number of people of a mixed background, the largest minority is the asian population, comprising mostly indians making less than 0.050% of the population. Europeans, mostly british and Portuguese comprise of about 0.005% of the total population. Christianity is the predominant religion with 65% of the population, mainly protestant (40%)and roman catholic (25%). Islam makes up 34% and indigenous beliefs make up the remainder (less than 1%).
afro-man - Yo man wassup? I'm going to malwi next summer!
big kuntry - aight cuz, you gonna be smokin that malawi herb?
afro-man - ofcourse dawg, its malawi, i have to!
by afro-man101 August 25, 2007
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a country in central southern africa also known as the warm heart of africa.
nyasalandalso has a lake called lake malawi
i went to malawi for holiday this winter
by rihanna14 August 16, 2005
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Best weed grown in Africa. Comes from the Mzuzu region in the northern part of Malawi. It was no 1 weed in Amsterdam for years because it is just so good and 100% natural. Nowadays it is hard to get your hands on and it is very expensive. I was so lucky to have been in the Mzuzu region for a year by coincidence. This weed makes anyone an addict, not by choice.
"Lets get a cob(a lumb of malawi gold the size of a maize cob wrapped in maize leafs=African style) of Gold rippin chap." "I wish I could bring some Gold back to Europe."
by jerry January 26, 2004
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Inflation simulator if it were real. People's average income there is 620 US dollars. 1 American dollar is 1017,50 Kwacha. That's 630850,00 kwacha. May seem like a lot, until you realize 10g of cheese is 1800 Kwacha...
Person 1: I'm rich in Malawi.
Person 2: How much money do you have then?
Person 1: I have 6 Million Kwacha.
Person 2: That's 5896 Dollars.
by TheDumbAssGuy January 20, 2023
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Adam from Malawi

Adam from Malawi, aka, the biggest pussy of all mankind. He sits behind his phone screen bullying kids everyday and is generally a cunt to everyone.
Person 1: you know Adam from malawi?
Person 2: no, but he sounds like a right cunt
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