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curly haired girl that almost always has a smile on her face! loves to sing and dance and wants all eyes on her. stubburn as hell, usually wont stop until she gets her way. absolutely beautiful, on the inside as much as the outside.
Who is that beauty in the middle of the dance floor? oh her, thats makenzy!
by laurinae February 03, 2010
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She's the nicest girl you'll meet she seems stubborn but has truly good intention. She will make a great girl friend because she will defend you to the end and likes snuggles . Her friends are so close to her and she loves them more than words could say. She has a feisty said but wont leave you behind.
Cozy blankets movies and snuggling with her other half that's makenzy.
by curl2524 December 06, 2016
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Makenzy is a swagfag who is a girl dates lots of Mexicans and thinks she is cool when in reality she is a cry baby bitch who cries for no reason and us an attention whore..
Boy1: Makenzy is so ratchet

Boy2: I know we hate his she always is crying
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