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Maisarah is from arabic words.


Which means ease.

But 'Maisarah' means easiness, glorious, and sometimes it it used to say 'left wing' in a war. Used by Arab people.

Rasulullah p.b.u.h used to trade with a guy who named Maisarah.

Maisarah can be used to call a funny girl. Clever and always determine in what they do. Sometimes they are matured, sometimes annoying.
Teekay: Hahaha. You're so funny. I like to be your friend.

Maisarah: Well, you know me.
by KucingPandaiBerenang December 26, 2016
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Maisarah is a pretty person and sometime she's a asshole but only with her friends.Not a backstabber ,ofcourse.And she'd really love to eat and having a vacay
"I love maisarah"
"oh ofc me too"
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by idontknowimpretty January 02, 2017
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