the greatest person ever. has every single positive trait and not one bad bone in her body. will love you unconditionally whether you deserve it or not. the kind of person to make everything better by your her presence that you will find breathtaking. she's literally perfect and you're lucky if you have her in your life.
by rainstcrm September 08, 2019
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Maha: a name defining beauty. Gentle and Soft like the rays of light in the morning. Courageous and bold like a wave of an ocean. Vibrant and pure. Maha is a bringer of joy and happiness, a fashionista. Able to create and bring dreams into reality. Gatherer, comforter, lover. Colorful in taste, mysterious in sense and alluring in form. Exquisite in taste, sensual and gracious. An achiever, a finisher, brilliant in everything. A wonderful
Friend, a giver of love and a heart made in the form of love.
Maha is amazing
by C_A_W October 05, 2018
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Maha is a feminine Arabic name which is very unique. It means the full moon and beautiful eyes. A Maha is always there to help people (e.g her friends) and never holds grudges. She’s a type of person who loves keeping track of her memories such as taking 100 selfies each day. Besides that, she’s a usually shy and quiet person but who falls in love with any guy regardless of his appearance. A Maha loves parties especially if it’s traditional. She’s never ashamed of herself and always has a positive attitude. When she’s upset, she covers it up so no one actually knows what’s happening. The most important thing that matters to a Maha is her family. Her family means everything to her particularly her mother as the bond is strong between them.

#Maha is amazing
OMG you are such a Maha . Wow you’ve got the Maha eyes
by Clareclareclare March 10, 2019
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Arabic name meaning moonlit night, or wild cow depending on the situation. Fact.

A beautiful girl with big eyes.

In Hindi, it means big. Something major.
What a Maha invention, yaaar!
by Emptee February 05, 2010
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means great, mighty, strong or abundant
"She is a maha woman"
"There is a maha wind today"
"This year we had a maha harvest"
by yogini1967 November 16, 2009
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A word used by Courtney (a character played by Amanda Bynes) on the Amanda show. She appeared in other various sketches.
Josh: What did you put on my face?!
Courtney: Cupcake.
Josh: Why??
Courtney: MA HA!
by starburstmango December 30, 2009
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spastic laugh aimed at a chosen person to insult and reject them. Basically annoying the person.
(2 boys are on the bus when it drives past a fat lady) They look at each other and shout "MA HA" which annoys her and amuses them.
by Willzo101 July 07, 2005
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