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Maha is a girl you'll never meet again. She's perfect in every way: clothing, body, hair, eyes and her smile. Shes smart and cares about her grades alot. Shes loyal as hell and will make you feel reallyyy special If you have a maha in your life, keep her. Her eyes are really pretty and you will get lost in them. Although she makes mistakes, she'll always apologize. She has one of the best hearts in the world. Very empathetic. She can sometimes be rude but will always mean it in a funny way. Her sense of humor is too natural and one of the best. Teachers love her and boys are crazy about her. Maha love sher friends but always puts family before them. Keep maha is my advice to you! If you treat maha poorly, its ur loss and she might forgive you, but will never forget what you did..
is that Maha you were talking to?
ur lucky asf
by iwishiwasherfriend October 13, 2019

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