Maha means moonlight night but also is a very kind girl who will always be there for people. She is cute and will always make sure she gets her own way and if it doesn’t happen she tends to be a very angry person. Maha is always moody but will be happy if she sees someone she cares for/loves. Maha has a heart of gold but if u piss her off will eat u alive and hold that grudge against u forever so be careful around Maha’s. A maha has a lot of boys who like her but usually goes for the wrong guys who eventually hurt her but she will still deeply love that person if Maha sets her eyes on that person. Maha’s love to sleep a lot but also go out and have fun to live her best life. Maha is a crybaby but hides her feelings from people and acts like she’s ok even if Maha is upset. So if u have a Maha in ur life cherish her!!!!
Woow! Maha is the best person i ever met!!! She’s so kind and loving now I understand why boys like her so much *smiles*
by Jaylen3592 November 27, 2019
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Icecream man - Here you go
Dave - Thank you
Jed - Thanks
Gregg - Ma Ha!
by Gregg Riley January 21, 2008
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Someone whos a simp and teached you on how to be a hoe infront of your significant other
shawn is a maha
by Lololololo69788 September 26, 2020
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A laugh used by gayboys to scare people
by grayfrust December 06, 2009
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A misquoting of The Simpsons on Scrubs.
Turk & Carla: MA HA!
Dr. Kelso: That's from The Simpsons
by Awesome Will v1 July 10, 2008
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Maha- something you say to express intense emotions and you can't think of anything else. Or just something pointless to say.
Maha I can't think of any examples

maha maha maha maha...
by Odd one May 11, 2004
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"Maha! I can't believe you beat me!" said Lily as she threw down the chess piece.
by Alicia January 07, 2004
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