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a complete noob at the game of counter strike, he also cannot fit through any doors due to his overly sized head.

The day this inferior dies is the day the world becomes a better place.
<Boback> Has magica died yet?
<Biles> No fraid not
<Boback> FS, im sorry world but youll have to wait for another day :
<Biles> Not long now!!!
by anon February 12, 2005
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One of the greatest metal bands ever. I have only heard one song by them but its fucking leet. In other words they roxor my boxorz! but i'm not wearing any
Magica makes your favorite band look like a bunch of pansies with seaweed coming out of their ears and or ear vaginas
by GIBBY!!! September 26, 2005
Happy St. Patties Day!