Small Asian person who is extremely beautiful and smart.

Often acts as peoples human dictionary.

Very picky with EVERYTHING but is very loved by all her friends.

Has amazing ninja wrapping skills.
Toni: "Hey how do you spell phosphorus?"
Madoka: "p h o s p h o r u s"
Toni: "thank you again Madoka"
by Tonitom November 15, 2010
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One of the two big otaku religions, on the same level but more niche that haruhism. The basic premise is praising out lord and savior Kaname Madoka for saving anime in 2011, and the magical girl genre as a whole despite at the same time ruining it.
Guy 1: I'm catholic
Guy 2: oh cool I'm a follower of madokaism
Guy 1: what

Guy 2: *rips off shirt revealing homura t shirt, shorts that say "sayaka did nothing wrong" and "kill kyuubey" cap and runs away screaming the lyrics to connect*
Guy 1: wtf.....everyone knows that haruhism is the real weebligion.
by yatomeino August 20, 2018
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A religion followed by a minority of anime fans
Guy 1: What's you're religion?
Guy 2: Madokaism
Guy 1: What?
Guy 2: Nothing
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Madoka Magica is an anime that decieves people in to believing in hope, justice and dreams, and crushes it, breaks then so badly that even a god cannot save it.
by ERUTAN is NATURE backwards September 26, 2016
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An anime and manga series that centers around a girl named Madoka Kaname, and her friends Mami, Sayaka, Homura, and Kyoko, who meet a creature names Kyuubey that offers to grant them one wish if they will in turn become magical girls and help fight witches, which are the source of evil in the world.
I just watched episode 3 of madoka magica, and it was pretty intense.
by epic_pandemic December 18, 2014
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a cute magical girl show with mentally ill lesbians. We have Madoka - pink haired lesbian with ofc she/her pronous, Homura - Madoka's gf, probably 12 years older than her, Sayaka - of course you have blue hair and pronous, also kinda hated character (free sayaka from all the hate, she did nothing wrong) Kyoko - Sayaka's gf, has a weird obsession with apples. Likes rhytyhm games. Mami - had like 40 minutes of screentime, but we still love her
- You like Puella Magi Madoka Magica too?!
- You mean that show with mentally ill people??!
- fuck it, lets go together on therapy
by Twink69 October 14, 2023
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The best discord user in the world. Everyone should love them and praise them.
Madoka!#6666 is so cool and is the best user on discord
by Madoka!#6666 July 18, 2022
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