A mythical substance which is supposededly vital to the functioning of electronic equipment. Therefore when the magic smoke leaks out, the equipment stops working.

This term is often heard when some hapless individual wires equipment up backwards or to the wrong voltage supply, causing the circuit boards to fry. At this point, some wag will say "that won't work again, because you've let the magic smoke out".
by Roy Hills December 30, 2005
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The essential essence that lives inside of all electronic parts. If the smoke is allowed to leave the device, it will no longer work. The smoke can never be put back again.
Don't overclock your PC or you will let the magic smoke out.
by nfi December 11, 2007
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This type of smoke emits from a car or truck when it finally fails on you. This type of smoke is magical because it means it will NEVER run again.
Me: hey Joe, Why is Elmo kicking the crap out of his truck?
(Elmo in backround):YOU STUPID POS TRUCK *SMASH*
Joe: Magic Black Smoke came out of his tranny
Me: aw crap, well it is a dodge.
by AZredneck1862 July 28, 2009
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shaniqua didnt liek the way tiny tim was acting, so she gave him a big puff puff the magic dragon, smoke in the face
by billyp01 September 5, 2009
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back magic smoke is an incense availible in gas stations, hed shops, etc
....remember the first buzz off ganja u had? THIS brings it back to you! Im going cold turkey on incense right now and other than the fact i want a buzz, no REAL withdrawls<<<Wiki it..ZThey caim its so bad bla bla bla, if it is...Legalize the real bud! I cant afford either right now, nd if you are in the market to have one hell of a time, black magic smoke is the way to be. bowl it though, dont roll it. roling this burns really fast!
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