a good name to call a male if he pissed you off or just plain has a small penis.
ziggy:fuck you get out my house! geyes:fuck you fucken tiny tim piece of shit i took pity on your lame ass! besides i faked it anyway!!!
by ms.bst March 2, 2010
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The leader of a squad, can get down to any song you play, ultimate twerk goddess, knows how to keep her bitches in place. Hobbies include: tiptoeing thru tulips and dancing in shadows
Those bitches praise their tiny tim like she's a descendant of Jesus
by shitgibbon6969 April 5, 2017
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a person with a smaller wanker(look up with you dont know what that is)
tiny tim
by zgs February 13, 2004
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tiny tim refers to a small penis
jesus he had such a tiny tim
by thecreepyjanitor1012 December 21, 2016
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A fellow roblox GaMeR .

Man amongst giants.
Like bum play ;) .
Uses Furry tails and accessories to express his extreme level of ULTRA gae .

Shags the gae-est of sheeps
Tiny Tim the man of my wildest dreams ;)
by JUBBA DA HUTT December 3, 2018
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