the name given to one with the ability to play the drums like John "Bonzo" Bonham. The greatest rock drummer of all time. Another word for this status is "Bonzo Jr."
"Ladies and Gentleman, Josh "Magic Hands" Franx with...Moby Dick.
by Josh Franx June 02, 2004
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A method used for cleaning your rear end. To perform the "magic hand", lather soap onto your hands real good, usually turn your hand sideways, and use your lathered hand to scrub inside the crack. Though there's no telling how long this method has been used, it was comedian/actor Jay Mohr who coined the term, "magic hand".
I had worked 12 hours, and sweat my ass off. The only way to feel I've successfully cleaned my sweaty ass was to give myself the magic hand.

She was kind of a freak, dude. When we were in the shower, she let me give her the magic hand.
by Feaz January 10, 2007
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