mystical in nature, and of an ineffable style, given one's totally baked reference frame at the time.

originally derived from a switch around of the phrase "magical mystery tour" such that "mystical magery tour" is uttered instead.

essentially, one must be in a uniquely high state of mind to arrive at such a turn of words, and therefore using the word 'magerous' connotes a supreme sense of wonder at events as they are beheld/unfolding that signifies the classic slowing of time due to the onset of being quite high.

alternatively, 'magerous' may be an apt descriptor of any such event, person, action, or sequence of events that cannot be immediately comprehended due to its dumbfounding nature.
that party we came across last night while high on the peyote you scored can only be summed up as magerous.
by Barnacle Bill April 18, 2011
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A derivation of the word "Pers" which stands for personal or the amount of an item, thing, or substance that is retained and kept for personal use because it is better and higher quality. Magers is is the extreme emphasis of the word pers, and explains the absolute love, quality, and desire for that personal amount.
Bob - "Hey man, I went to McDonalds last night and ordered their Crispy Chicken, it was so pers!"

Dave - "Ya, well I ordered 2 Jr. Chicken value menu sandwiches, and they were so MAGERS!"
by G Glaser June 11, 2008
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A fat boy that try to get a job in the food industry but is fired for eating to much.
Your a stupid ass mager ur fired!!!
by talley hoe November 23, 2006
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It's Indonesians slangs that mean "too lazy/ lazy"
X : Let's go to Mall tomorrow !
Y : I'm sorry, but I'm "mager".
by +62peps May 01, 2020
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When you find someone as good as Mageric don’t let him go. He is making even if he doesn’t realize it, he is amazing friend. If you don’t have a Mageric in your life get one they’re hard to come by, but you find one never let them go. Tell them how amazing they are because they don’t realize it, but they are worth more than anything in the world. Mageric is the best person even if he doesn’t realize it because he deserves to be treated right. He deserves better
Mageric- The best person to have in your life
by Kiddy is cool July 09, 2021
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