Dude Joe won't leave me alone. He keeps asking me to hang out or just keep talking. He's being such a maddox.
by themaddox May 09, 2009
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Idol of impressionable computer geeks everywhere.

For any pimply, pasty nerd thats too chickenshit to go get the mail outside because the deadly solar rays reflected by the moon will burn their skin like dried straw, they look to the Great Overlord Maddox as their guidance.

According to the teachings of the Great Maddox:

1. All computer nerds love Tabasco Sauce, because subjecting your tastebuds to a food condiment that'll singe the fuck out of your tastebuds is the best way to prove that your too fucking macho for your less macho peers. The testosterone increase from the burning pain will give you the balls you need to log back on IRC chat and give your online opponents a sound verbal thrashing, perhaps causing your nerdy rival to shoot himself in front of his webcam.

2. All computer nerds must routinely beat their women to reaffirm that they are the head of the house, and her main man. Doesn't really apply though, because computer nerds will remain virgins forever.

3. All computer nerds do what they want and feel. If a nerd does not want to go outside to Gold's Gym to do some bench presses or run on the treadmill, they don't have to! If a nerd doesn't want to lose weight, and just keep packing on some more weight from hot pockets, Pocky brand wood sticks, and root beer, he doesn't have to!

Maddox isn't your role model and god. Fucking go outside and do something with your life. If you are any sort of a real man, you should be able to think independently rather than copycatting another loser.

Or you can just perceive Maddox's Best Page In The Universe as very clever satire of common misconceptions of manliness and machoism.

Maddox basically states that "men":

1. Are always insecure about their sexuality, and hates fags because of that.
2. Do stupid thinks to make people think they're really "men".
3. Engage in random acts of violence from testosterone poisoning.
4. Own an entire harem of expendable wives.
by C Tan October 29, 2007
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A 30-something year-old man who relies on the internet and a 12-18 year old following of American teenagers, many of which enjoy urbandictionary.com, to get his ridiculous messages across. Although many of his views on politics and trivial issues such as ringtones are true to a certain extent, most of his arguments comprise of sexist remarks and/or substantial amounts of profanity, as opposed to logic.
Did you read that update Maddox just posted?

Yea, it was funny as hell!!!111Lolz0r!!!!. I especially liked the part where he told the guy to fuck off. I didn't understand its implications, though.
by Curlbacca June 30, 2006
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A dude that thinks he's a pirate, and owns a invective site with some witty social commentaries. He has little respect for anyone else, but that's funny.
What would make a better president? Bush or a box of Tic Tacs?
by Travis Kraft May 06, 2005
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The worst vowel movement that one can have. It stinks so bad that it melts walls and makes others come to tears. Can be solid or diarrhea.
After dinner, I took a Maddox and everyone evacuated the building.
by Hotride09 January 07, 2017
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The Maddox, named for internet personality George Ouzounian (pen name Maddox), is the derived unit of douche in the International System of Units.
One Maddox is the equivalent of 1ร—10^7 Hefners.
by Ponga September 05, 2009
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1.) "Some old, greasy dude who uses the internet to cry about his likes and dislikes to the disaffected youth of America through semi-comedic rants."
- Oh come on now, could you pick an easier audience?

2.)"A self- proclaimed pirate."
- Lol, wtf is that about? Seriously, a pirate? Get an identity, you silly bastard. Do you hijack ocean going vessels and plunder them for booty or do you just download music illegally? Yeah...thats just sad.

3.)"A 30 year old man with a 12-16 year old following."
-you rock, Maddox!!!1 For realz!!1!1
"man, that chump was crying more than Maddox when his Ace of Base file didn't download!"
by Jon Rudder October 11, 2005
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