1)Maddox- Owner of the Best Page in the Universe. Hates people who can't spell, think, or are just total fucktards.

2)Maddox- The essential equivalent to Che Guevera, except in Pirate form.
""LOL MADDOX U SUC LOLZ U FAG GET A LIF THAT TING INM'T REAL!!!21!!#12" "The amount of work it must take to move your pinky those painful 5/8s of an inch is astounding. Fuck off."

"Maddox had to pay for some birth prevention pills for my bitchy neighbors because I zapped them in the crotch with a stun gun too many times."

"Oh, that's just Maddox, off to liberate Bolivia from shitfaced fuckers who can't type."
by Ferret Overlord March 16, 2006
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The biggest and most successful internet troll in existence.
Examples of Maddox's article titles:

- Going to Thailand? Don't forget your jackass discount card.

- Things Elizabeth Smart could have done to escape her captors.

- A shampoo recommendation for cry-baby pussies (new hate mail).

- My balls are huge.

- The Matrix: Revolutions is boring and shitty.
by Barry Navarro September 12, 2008
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An angry balding Armenian man that hates pepperoni pizza, New York, and hippies.

He's hilarious, like a human Strong Bad.
Maddox Lost! Maddox Lost! Because his problems fucking SUCKED! Dick is the WINNER!
Or: Maddox... won. Maddox... won. Because his problems were okay. Maddox is the WINNER!
by Fuck You Script Kiddies! October 19, 2017
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The ruler of the universe

Check "ownage"

Maddox the pirate writes on his website about all the things you can think of, and he's always right.
Maddox the pirate will stick a boot up anyones ass, especialy Orbitz.
by Anonymous21 May 22, 2005
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Maddox started The Best Page in the Universe in 1997. The majority of the content is satirical, focusing on society, pop culture, masculinity, enthusiastically endorse chauvinism, express dislike towards children, senior citizens, women's rights activists, vegetarians, environmentalists, hippies, celebrities and personalities, George W. Bush, Mac users, goths and jocks.

Maddox has become considerably famous since the start of his website. It seems he also knows multiple coding languages.

Maddox creates of ingenious, yet simple ways to solve lifes most accommodating tasks. He's talked about everything and everything; therefore he should be regarded as a god.

Due to him outsmarting everyone he comes across, and utterly humiliating them; a protest group formed against him; called Mother Against Maddox is his prime entertainment when hes not fighting off ninja robots and space marines.

In short; Maddox is a highly inspirational figure, and she regarded with fear and caution when even THINKING of encroaching, or insulting him.
Maddox should be regarded as a god and supreme overlord of the earth.
by TheIronFoe November 02, 2009
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Popular blog-style website written by sociopathic nerd George Ouzounian, whose idea of satire is ugly Chuck Norris style rants about women, vegetarians, films and the like
15 year-old male: "Maddox's website kicks your website's ass, dipshit."
by dbsjakb March 10, 2008
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The highly successfull pirate owner of the worlds greatest website. Boasting over 100,000,000 vistors.
the next nomination for king and God
by Maddox fan June 16, 2005
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