1. To feel angry
2. To adore something to an extreme level
1. I am mad bob

2. I have mad love for Suzy
by Canadian July 30, 2003
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A anogram of AMD or Automated Micro Devices. Used by Intel zealots, who know by far that AMD chips are better and more cost effective, but refuse to admit it.
Intel Zealot:Your computer has a MAD chip doesnt it?
AMD Chip user: Fuck Off, you slut
by DjSatansfury November 19, 2003
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a slang word used to exaggerate by adding mad to a sentence like a shirt being mad fleek
''Man, that be MAD fleek''
by infarrt December 04, 2016
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a multi-functional word: very/a lot/hard/etc. Accentuates any verb.
She was doin' some maaaad studying last night. She was mad jonesin' for that guy, last night.
by The Great One December 14, 1999
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